Fechar With solar heating, the swimming pool is filled with spring water. Laid back on sunbeds, guests can watch the humming birds and the wind moving through the araucaria trees.
Fechar Morning is a great time to explore the trail along the Rio da Barra, with its small natural river beach. It’s well worth setting up hammocks there to relax while listening to the water sounds. The dirt road, near the inn, is another option, where one can see local farms and horse pastures.
Fechar The four hammocks set up in the garden invite guests to relax under the sun. It’s a great spot for reading, listening to music or just watching birds and hearing the sounds of the forest.
Fechar Comedy, romance, fiction and adventure make up Barra do Bié’s movie collection, available for guests to watch in their rooms or in the common living room.
Fechar In the evening – or during the day – many books, from classics to best sellers, are available in the library. In the winter time, it is a perfect match to enjoy by the fire in the cottage living room.
Fechar A relaxing massage in the SPA is a delight for all senses, and the sounds of the forest create the perfect setting. Make sure to book this experience.